Gtkmm on RHEL 3

Hi - I have an application I built on RHEL 5 using gtkmm. I want to run the same application on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 machine, however gtkmm is not available on RHEL3. What are my options now ?
  1. Can I install gtkmm 2.4 on RHEL 3? If yes, then please let me know how, 'cuz Fedora Extras repository is not available for RHEL 3.
  2. Can I build my application on my RHEL 5 machine and link gtkmm statically so that It will run on RHEL 3 without the need of gtkmm installed on it? I searched around and saw a few posts mentioning that gtkmm can be linked statically but everyone seem to suggest that its very difficult, plus there were no directions given. Can anyone please help me with that?
  3. Any other option available?

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