Re: event data / mmoorman

On Tue, 28 Dec 2010 10:27:17 -0600
"Charles Seedle" <charles seedle rigaku com> wrote:

> What is wrong with this ?
>      temp_button = buttons[x];   // an array of pointers
> temp_button->signal_button_press_event().connect(sigc::bind(sigc::ptr_fun(&o
> n_button_clicked), temp_button);
You mean, apart from the unbalanced parentheses, the missing template
type, the mismatched sigc usage, the missing class instance reference,
the missing class name on the member function, the way you don't seem
to have looked at the documentation before asking?

There are examples of how to use sigc::bind and sigc::ptr_fun (or
sigc::mem-fun more to the point) on the first page of the "signals"
chapter of the GTKmm docs (a.k.a Appendix B)


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