Detecting file encoding


I'm making a small text editor to learn as much as I can from gtkmm and I've come across with one problem which I haven't been able to solve. 

The main issue is I don't know how to detect the file encoding of a given file. I've been reading a lot about this, and found that glibmm has some functions that could help me, i.e.

bool  get_charset ()

bool  get_charset (std::string& charset)
std::string  convert (const std::string& str, const std::string& to_codeset, const std::string& from_codeset)

Glib::ustring  locale_to_utf8 (const std::string& opsys_string)
std::string  locale_from_utf8 (const Glib::ustring& utf8_string)

however, I haven't been able to detect the enconding of a file. I know these functions help me to convert from one encoding to another one, but for that I need to know the current file encoding.
Do you have any idea, suggestion or reference that could help me?
Sorry if this is not totally related with gtkmm but I think it's somewhat related to glibmm.
Thanks in advance!


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