Re: Removing the DOS console

ArbolOne wrote:
> Addendum
> ~~~~~~~~~
> Jonanthon, I am using Code::Blocks and in the linker and the compiler
> parameters' box I added the parameter you suggested, but it has not
> change anything?!
> This must be a problem with the IDE and not the compiler, I hope!
> What is your input on this?
> Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
>> ArbolOne wrote:
>>> I have something very strange happening in one of my programs in WinXP,
>>> After compiling the program I ran it, but a DOS console windows appears
>>> with the old.... press to continue...
>>> How do I get rid of this annoyance?
>>> Thanks in advance
>> use -mwindows

As I already mentioned, I do not develop on windows and have no idea about your IDE.  You'll probably just have to wait for somebody else who knows something about windows or try to solve it on your own.


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