Re: Skin like winamp, is it possible?

Fatman_UK wrote:
> Alexies Knight wrote:
>> what I would like to create is a skin like winamp skin. Is
>> it possible with the use of gtk?
> My current studies lead me to believe this might be possible with
> Gtk::Widget::shape_combine_mask(), but so far I haven't produced correct
> results.
Apologies for the double post but I thought this was relevant.

Renato Merli wrote:
> Hi,
>   Shape_combine maskl is about the creation of non-retangular widgets,
> you may find more info seaching for "shapped window" on google. Its
> the "low level rendering" i was talk about.
>  Its possible to do alpha transparency, since either GDK and CAIRO
> does image composing. In gdkmm you use the 'compose' method of the
> pixbuf object.Its very simple (but its recommended to use the newer
> functions of cairo instead.)
> Renato Merli

Hi Renato,

It seems to me that using non-rectangular widgets is one possible technique
for creating a Winamp-style (Winamp 3, by the way, not Winamp 2!) skinning
engine. The other possibility that comes to mind is partial window
transparency. Perhaps there are others.

Thanks for the hint. I think I recall reading something about the compose
method, so I'll go back and read it more closely. I have been having trouble
with the classes Gtk::Pixmap, Gdk::Pixbuf and Gtk::Bitmap. I'm sure there's
a way to load a background image, load a mask image, combine the two and
store the result in a Gdk::Window, but I haven't found the right API calls

Cairo could make some interesting "art deco" type widgets, buttons and the
like. Isn't it just for vector drawing, though? I want to load and mask
raster images.

Adam J Richardson

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