Re: A signal for a ComboBoxText


If anybody writes something like this,

void My_Class::creating_my_combo()

   Gtk::ComboBoxText m_comboboxtext;

&some_class::method1), m_comboboxtext.get_active_text()));


a) Is that all fine that for each combobox element selection,
m_combobotext.get_active_text () gives us the same value ?

It's that I see, simply doing

void some_class::method1 (Glib::ustring selected_item)
   std::cout << selected_item << std::endl;

b) Is "signal_changed()" the appropriate signal for getting the
active/selected combobox items ?

c) Is this better or a more suitable methodology than the one I
presented that allows me to maintain the m_comboboxtext object in the
local scope of the class method, i.e. My_Class::creating_my_combo(),
and thus, catched from the others that probably could obtain these
values accessing to m_combobotext object ?... Maybe using pointers...

Please,... a little help !


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