Re: Render Text to Pixbuf

Am Dienstag, den 01.05.2007, 10:10 -0500 schrieb Jonathon Jongsma:

> > I managed to get a not so good method working.  I create a scratch
> > cairo context using Cairo's image surface.  Then I just use cairo to
> > draw to this offscreen buffer and copy it onto my pixbuf where it
> > goes.  Copying from the surface to the pixbuf causes some artefacts
> > around the edges of the text due to smoothing, but its good enough for
> > now unless someone has a better idea.
> too bad.  I was hoping my quick-and-easy idea would work, but it looks
> like the formats aren't compatible enough to make it easy...  I guess
> if I were you, I'd ask on a gtk or cairo mailing list as I'm sure
> somebody has wanted to do this before.  Maybe somebody there knows a
> clever way to do it.

I'd say avoid Gdk::Pixbuf if you can, and use Cairo only.  If you can't,
it's probably cleaner to convert the pixbuf to a Cairo image surface and
then back, rather the empty surface plus merge approach you described.
I doubt that it will be significantly slower.


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