Re: Offline documentation is too hard to find


perhaps I have misunderstood your message, but I don´t agree. The
documentation is quite complete. Also the examples in the GTKmm book.

Maybe the tarballs seems to lack some directories, but the online docu
is IMHO already good.
I rarly use the offline documentation, but the Debian based docu is also
quite complete, execpt some examples wich (I think) are negligible.

If you use Windows, you should always use the online book.

For everey chapter wich contents widgets and examples, there are the
example source code for download [1] (for example).


I learned Myself GTKmm by the docbook from the GTKmm website some years
ago and I have to say it is very complete.

Hope it helps


Am Dienstag, den 21.07.2009, 13:23 -0400 schrieb ArbolOne:
> Oh brother, you got see the kind of local tutorial we get with the
> Windows port of Gtkmm! It is a shame that all these good gui toolkits
> are going the way of xwWindow because, although very robust, no one
> knows how to use them.
> I really regret sometimes having chosen Gtkmm as my development kit,
> only and only because of the documentation. Java has a lot of
> documentation, but is drolls too much. MFC is not portable. Well, I
> guess we are stuck with GTKmm for now unless anyone knows of a toolkit
> that is as good or better than GTKmm and has an excellent
> documentation.
> Alexander Shaduri wrote: 
> > Since the removal of some documentation from gtkmm tarball,
> > it's impossible to download it through
> > In particular, offline versions of examples, docs/FAQ and docs/tutorial
> > are no longer available for download at
> > (unless one knows exactly where to look, at
> >
> > that is).
> > 
> > The online documentation is misleading too:
> >
> > -- Quote:
> > Where can I find some example code?
> > See the examples directory in the gtkmm distribution. 
> > -- End quote.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Alexander
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