New script.


I got annoyed with generating broken modulemm_enums.defs and in
effect wrapped flags have often wrong values, but I did not feel to be
able to bake some completely new solution. So I rewritten most of the
original script.

I updated it to work with `use strict' and `use warnings', added
--with-typedefs (prints original enums in comments above every enum
defs) and --omit-deprecated (just omits everything deprecated) options,
handles most of enums and flags (especially flags!) properly, generates
proper nicks for enums with one value, prints warnings to stderr about
several stuff. It is a better hack, but still a hack.

I'm attaching a patch made against master branch of glibmm. Do I have to
file a bug in bugzilla? (In which category?)

I tested it a bit on master branches of glib (glib, gobject, gio),
pango, atk, gtk (gdk, gdk-pixbuf, gtk), vte and gtksourceview, but that
is so much of enums and flags that I could easily overlook something.


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