Read Line From Pipe

I have written an application that I compile with:
`pkg-config libgnomedbmm-3.0 --cflags --libs`

The test that I am using right now is this:
-Make selections from radio buttons and check boxes, and
  when the Accept button is clicked, write information to the pipe.
-The pipes simply loop and are read in by the Gtkmm read_line().
-Lets say that the information is "button1\nbutton2\nbutton3\n"
-I know that the three lines are getting to the Gtkmm signal to
 call my read pipe routine.
-I display in a Gtkmm window what is read with the read_line().
-When I click the Accept button:
 First: "button1\n"
 Second:  "button2\nbutton3\nbutton1\nbutton2\n"
 Third:  "button3\nbutton1\nbutton2\n"

In my second test, I individually write the information for each
button with a sleep(1) between them. I get:
First: "button1\n"
Second: "button2\nbutton3\nbutton1\n"
Third: "button2\nbutton3\nbutton1\n"

I flush the write pipe after every write. All pipes are configured
My read function is basically that shown in the Gtkmm MonitorIO chapter.

Is this normal behavior?
Or is there something going on that I don't know?

Thank you.

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