libgdamm released

libgdamm is now available for download at:

MD5 sums:
cd4cee7f5b5f4be302e5bceec1cbd62a  libgdamm-
bd066cb0d234eba1126438a9b228492c  libgdamm-

SHA1 sums:
fb4a708320bbdcf9f0c9221bc9dd9e99b6ae6894  libgdamm-
84b713a1e42fa24bb7e294b3456f62ee9d54562b  libgdamm-


* Reenable the per-class hierarchy graphs in the reference documentation.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Drop the custom HTML header and footer, and use the shared doxygen.css
  file from mm-common. (Daniel Elstner)

About libgdamm

libgdamm is the C++ binding for the libgda library.

More information about the GNOME C++ bindings is available at:

August 28, 2009
Daniel Elstner

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