libsigc++ 2.2.4 released

libsigc++ 2.2.4 is now available for download at:

MD5 sums:
c7d96da4b144a80fb7ea441e4819da82  libsigc++-2.2.4.tar.bz2
ce1b3a304b92f1b3cd63a31b51cdcabe  libsigc++-2.2.4.tar.gz

SHA1 sums:
b9c47560c34e0ec99df3bc56f2bccda8c0408883  libsigc++-2.2.4.tar.bz2
22b5e8087a9f858c717c5db6508de3036117ad16  libsigc++-2.2.4.tar.gz

* New build system based on mm-common. The mm-common module is now
  required for building from the git repository, but not for builds
  of release archives. (Daniel Elstner)
* The public reference documentation is now hosted on
  (Frederic Peters, Daniel Elstner)

About libsigc++

libsigc++ implements a typesafe callback system for standard C++. It
allows you to define signals and to connect those signals to any
callback function, either global or a member function, regardless of
whether it is static or virtual.

libsigc++ is used by gtkmm to wrap the GTK+ signal system. It does not
depend on GTK or gtkmm.

More information about libsigc++ is available at:

August 25, 2009
Daniel Elstner

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