libvtemm review for module proposal


New module proposal period was opened today, so I thought it would be
nice to propose libvtemm. But before doing it, I was thinking about 3

1. API review - since I am not experienced designer, I would very much
appreciate some insight and comments with regard to API (method
prototypes need to be changed? remove some classes which seems to be
redundant, useless, overly complicated?). Since libvtemm is not widely
used, breaking things (again) does not pose a problem.

2. Build system change to mm-autofu - that I'll do myself.

3. Packaging to distros - it would be nice to have official libvtemm
packages in, for example, Debian (Ubuntu?) or Fedora. Could somebody do
it after 2 first points are done?

I should have asked about review earlier, but there is time. No need for

Krzesimir Nowak

PS. Just curious, are gstreamermm maintainers going to propose it as
platform bindings module in this period?

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