Re: why on_configure_event() is never called here ?

On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 22:45 -0400, Paul Davis wrote: 
> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 8:47 AM, Renato Merli<merli renato gmail com> wrote:
> > class myCtn : public Gtk::Fixed
> > {
> >
> >    public:
> >        Gtk::Button btn;
> >        int x, y;
> >
> >     bool on_configure_event (GdkEventConfigure *e)
> only top level windows receive configure events.

The following excerpt from this (old?) event docs:, seems to say
something different (see the last paragraph of the excerpt):

> Window Change Events
> As a GdkWindow is shown, hidden, resized, or destroyed, events are
> emitted. 
> Configure events indicate that the size or position of the event
> window has changed. They include the new size and positon of the
> window: 
> typedef struct _GdkEventConfigure GdkEventConfigure;
> struct _GdkEventConfigure
> {
>   GdkEventType type;
>   GdkWindow *window;
>   gint8 send_event;
>   gint16 x, y;
>   gint16 width;
>   gint16 height;
> };
> All widgets receive this event (since GDK_STRUCTURE_MASK is
> automatically in the event mask), but the widget size allocation
> system already conveys the necessary information. That is, most
> widgets resize their GdkWindow themselves in response to a size
> allocation; configure events just report back the resize---not very
> useful. There are two notable exceptions. First, the toplevel
> GtkWindow widget is in charge of initiating the size allocation
> process, and has no parent to get an allocation from, so it monitors
> configure events to determine its size allocation. When you resize a
> GtkWindow using its window manager decorations, it will receive
> configure events and act accordingly. The second exception is
> GtkDrawingArea. GtkDrawingArea sends itself a configure event when it
> receives its size allocation. This is convenient, since you will
> usually want to repaint the contents of the drawing area if it is
> resized. Like all "fake" events GTK+ creates, send_event will be TRUE
> for this configure event.

José Alburquerque

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