GtkButton inside a GtkEventBox : how to receive mouse events on both?

I am writing a graphic library that encapsulates Gtkmm and
I want to be able to catch any mouse click (with any mouse button), on all the widgets of this library
So as to make it as general as possible, I put my widgets in an EventBox and catch the events on it.

The problem I face is the following:
when I put a toggleButton (for example) as the child of my EventBox,
I am able to catch the mouse button event either on the toggleButton (if I call "eventBox->set_above_child(false)") or on the eventBox (if I call "eventBox->set_above_child(true)")
but not on both...
I thought that returning false at the end on my callback MyGtkToggleButton::on_my_button_pressed(GdkEventButton *event) would propagate the event to the parent (e.g. my EventBox) but that does not work.

any clue would be greatly appreciated..

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