Help with libglademm

I know, what I'm going to post here denotes my severe confusion
regarding the coding in gtkmm, but the only way to understand I found
was by posting it in the list, now that there are not enough resources
on the web that suit me in this aspect.

First of all, this is just the portion of the code, but it is what I do
not understand.

// TextView
Gtk::TextView bean_tv_content;
// Buffer
Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TextBuffer> bean_tv_content_buffer;
bean_tv_content_buffer = Gtk::TextBuffer::create();

The error is in that, to add a widget from interface (which is my glade
interface resource) I need to create a bean_tv_content as a
Gtk::TextView* rather than a Gtk::TextView. The problem is that if I
create it as a pointer, then I cannot execute the last line of code

My objective?
Use a TextView that I already created in the glade interface designer.

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