Missing function in Glib::Property ?


I do not know if this is really a bug, but I better tell you of it. It might also be a fault of mine (sry).

I am writing my own cell renderer (inherited from CellRenderer) and want to create a read only property, but it does not work.

Glib::Property< MultipleChoiceString > property_mcs_; // property declaration
Glib::PropertyProxy< MultipleChoiceString > property_mcs() { return property_mcs_.get_proxy(); } // works
Glib::PropertyProxy_ReadOnly< MultipleChoiceString > property_mcs() const { return property_mcs_.get_proxy(); } // error

The third line causes an error because calling get_proxy on the property does not keep the property constant. Maybe, one should add a function for a Property that returns a PropertyProxy_ReadOnly? How else could this problem be solved?

Thank you for answers in advance,
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