Gtk::Tooltips delay and Gtk::Main::signal_quit


I have two questions, the first one is about the Gtk::Tooltips class. Is there is a way to set the delay of the tooltips (the time until the tooltips close)?. I have some larger tooltips with images and text, and the tooltip is closing way to fast. The best solution would be that the tooltips are never closing automatically after time but only if the cursor leaves the area.

My second question is about Gtk::Windows that are autonomously created. I need the destructor of these windows called even if the application is exited with Gtk::Main::quit() which closes all windows but do not call the destructor of the windows. I found the Gtk::Main::signal_quit() event which I connect to and this works pretty well. The question is: Do I need to disconnect this signal if my window closes regularly (without Gtk::Main::quit() invoked)? I seems that closing the window without disconnecting the signal works well, even is Gtk::Main::quit() is invoked later on (no segfaults or such). But I'm not sure about that.


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