notified when TreeView shows a new row

Hi all,

Several times in my application I would like to be notified when a row that I've just entered into the store will be displayed by the grid so I can do things like scroll to that row, or more importantly, measure the row using get_cell_area, which measures some other cell if the cell you specify hasn't been drawn yet.

Is it possible to pick it up somewhere?  I dont' see any signals that look helpful other than maybe expose on the treeview.  Maybe I can do something with the model, hook onto when a value is requested by the treeview, although I'm not sure how to tell who's doing the requesting.

Also it is possible to have a TreePath (or iter or whatever) to a row that is in the model and not in the display yet, is there something I can use to check to see if it has been displayed yet? 

Any ideas?


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