Connecting to a signal given as a string

Hi All,
  I'm trying to use the webkitgtk library inside my gtkmm app. I can
get basic functionaliy simply by

    GtkWidget *html_widget = webkit_web_view_new ();
    Gtk::Widget *html_widget_mm = Glib::wrap (html_widget);

after which I can add 'html_widget_mm' to any Gtk::Widget. When I have
to work with webkit I simply use the C interface, and that works fine
for everything but for connecting signals. If I want to connect a
signal in a C app then I can do something like

    g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (html_widget), "signal::load_finished",
G_CALLBACK (some_function), some_data);

However, this is giving me problems in C++, as I would like to connect
a non-static member function to this signal. So, I was wondering can I
somehow connect to this signal through my 'html_widget_mm' variable
which is of type Gtk::Widget ?


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