Re: signal_child_attached member of Gtk::HandleBox or not?

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 23:08 +0300, Peter Volkov wrote:
> Hello.
> Is signal_child_attached() a member of Gtk::HandleBox? I'm asking
> because this function exist in documentation for 2.14.1 and in 2.12.7
> this function is declared in gtk/gtkmm/ But I failed to
> find this function anywhere in gtkmm-2.14.1 and application I'm trying
> to build[1] fails to build with the following error:
> guiloader-c++_impl.cpp: In constructor 'Gui::LoaderInit::LoaderInit()':
> guiloader-c++_impl.cpp:301: error: 'signal_child_attached' is not a
> member of 'Gtk::HandleBox'
> make: *** [libguiloader_c___la-guiloader-c++_impl.lo] Error 1
> So was this function changed/remove or is this just a regression in
> gtkmm? Thanks in advance for any hints.

It's a regression. Somehow we had child-detached twice in
gtk_signals.defs instead. I will release a new gtkmm tarball today.

> [1] In case this helps interested it's guiloader-c++ library:
murrayc murrayc com

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