Gtk::ustring and std::getline()

Hello folks!
I am porting a 'I/O' class from 'std' to 'Gtkmm', in one section of the program I need to use std::getline, but since this function is designed to work with 'std::string', I need to catch the data in a std::string object and then pass it to a Glib::ustring object:

==== snip ====
std::string stdstr;
Glib::ustring glibstr;
std::getline( file_source, /*glibstr*/stdstr, '^' );
glibstr = stdstr;

This is a patch up job, a very bad solution, but I hope that with our help it will be a temporarily one. I don't want to use the UTF8 benefits of ustring!

What can I do?

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