Re: Win32: Getting size of DLLs down for redist with app

Armin Burgmeier wrote:
> What do you mean by "causes nothing but issues"? I don't have any
> problems stripping DLLs (though I don't use the -g flag, and I don't
> know what it does).

Well, if I run a strip command against *.dll to get sizes down (which
includes other GTK-but-not-GTKmm dlls), I end up with crashes on
startup.  Example: "The application failed to initialize properly
(0xc000007b).  Click on OK to terminate the application."

I just tried running the command against *mm*.dll instead, and that
-seems- to work and the app does start.  However, if running strip on
the other DLLs causes problems like that, then it makes me a little
nervous "hoping" that things are gonna work right by running it on only
a few DLLs.  Probably it's just my paranoia/lack of experience talking

By the way, the -g flag is specifically for stripping debug symbols.


- Paul Goins

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