RE: gtkmm binaries for win32

> > > - I needed to hand edit all GTK\lib\pkgconfig\*.pc files and change
> > > the prefix variable to let my configure find the gtk libs and
> > > headers.

I didn't have to tweak anything myself.  I installed the gladewin gtk+ package and the gtkmm windows package to their default directories, and after that, I might have had to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH by hand before attempting any builds, but I most certainly did not have to modify the .pc files by hand.  If PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set up, pkg-config -should- get most of the stuff.  I think I may have had to manually add the GTK/include folder, but all the other ones were taken care of.

That being said, I later did go download all the stuff from so I could see which Windows gui bugs were present or fixed.

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