Re: Building Glibmm 2.14.2 against Glib 2.16.1

2008/3/26 Paul Goins <general vultaire net>:
> > Thanks,
>  > I've checked something in that I hope will fix the problem.  see
>  > for more details.
>  Regarding building from SVN on Win32/MSys: I'm having too many issues
>  getting the Perl prerequisites (XML::Parser and everything it depends
>  on) up and running.  It's taking too much of my time working on this
>  right now, and since Surya said the giomm issue is fixed, great: I think
>  I'm going to let the issue rest.  I can wait a little while for the
>  updated 2.16 release, it's not time critical to me.
>  - Paul G

OK, thanks for your effort anyway.  There will probably be a new
release in the not-too-distant future.


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