problems with Glib::PropertyProxy ...

Hi, I managed to create my very own CellRenderer for displaying a color box on a row in a TreeView widget.  Now I would like to set that box color with a color TreeModelColumnRecord I declared earlier of type:

Gtk::TreeModelColumn< Gdk::Color > columnColor

I used these lines to add the column for my color box and used the add_atribute() to relate it to the model like so:

int cols_count = view->append_column("Color", *zoneColorRenderer );

    Gtk::TreeViewColumn* pColumn = view->get_column(cols_count - 1);

    pColumn->add_attribute(zoneColorRenderer->property_color(), zoneModel.columnColor);
    Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *( referenceZones->append() );

    Gdk::Color color;
    double red = 1;
    double green = 1;
    double blue = 0;

    color.set_rgb_p( red, green, blue );

    row[zoneModel.columnColor] = color;

In my cell renderer called zoneColorRenderer I have a method called property_color() that relates to an internal attribute of type Glib::PropertyProxy<Gdk::Color> stored in a Gtk::ColorButton* like so:

        Glib::PropertyProxy<Gdk::Color> property_color()
            return this->button->property_color();

This is the attribute:

Gtk::ColorButton* button;

It's initialized in the constructor.  When I run my application the cellRenderer paints splendidly a black box ( no color set ). It appears it is not relating the model's color with the ColorButton's property_color(), can anyone help me??


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