Re: Further gstreamermm wrapping

On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 23:12 -0400, José Alburquerque wrote:
> José Alburquerque wrote:
> > Hi Murray.  I'm noticing that there are some things in gstreamer which 
> > we haven't contemplated wrapping in gstreamermm yet and I was 
> > wondering how we might go about this:
> >
> > 1) In the gstreamer source directory, besides the gst directory (which 
> > we've mostly wrapped), there is a libs/gst directory with other 
> > directories such as base, check, controller, etc. which are not 
> > wrapped (the docs for these are at: 
> > 

If these are useful for something then, yes, they should be wrapped. I
wouldn't bother creating extra directories for them, but you might want
to use doxygen groups in the documentation to group them together. For
instance, see the TreeView group in gtkmm.

But I wouldn't bother wrapping any of this until you have discovered
what an application might want to use it for, and can think of an
appropriate small example in C++.

> > 2) In the gstreamer source directory there's also a plugin directory 
> > with other directories (namely elements and indexers) which are also 
> > not wrapped (the docs for these are at: 
> > 

I guess these are just standard plugins. Milosz is working on a way to
get access to specific API of elements (provided by plugins, I believe)
that are discovered at runtime (or expected to be discovered at
runtime). It's a code-generation tool for use by applications, I think,
roughly equivalent to how users of CORBA or COM generate code to use

> > 3) The gstreamer gst-plugins-base module has a directory named 
> > gst-libs/gst with items (including a few interfaces which I mentioned 
> > in post: 
> > 
> > that may also be beneficial to wrap (the docs for these are found at: 
> > 

Again, this seems to be plugins.

> > Finally,
> >
> > 4) The gst-plugins-base module also has directories named gst and ext 
> > which contain gstreamer base plugins (the docs for these are at: 
> >  
> > (I'm not sure that these should be wrapped, but I thought I should 
> > include them in this list for completeness.)


> > What I'm trying to figure out is: would it be necessary to make 
> > subdirectories in gstreamermm/gstreamer or in gstreamermm (the main 
> > directory)?  I know that if the directories are created under the main 
> > gstreamermm directory these would probably represent namespaces and 
> > I'm not sure if I have to be precise in choosing good names and what 
> > these names should be.  I thought that names could be as follows: for 
> > 1) corelibs, for 2) coreplugins, for 3) baselibs and for 4) 
> > baseplugins.  Are these names ok?  I'm thinking of adding these 
> > directories so that what's necessary can also be wrapped.  Thanks.
> >
> I'm sorry.  With your permission, I'm reposting on gtkmm list in case 
> others want to opine.
Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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