Re: Further gstreamermm wrapping

José Alburquerque wrote:
Hi.  I'm noticing that there are some things in gstreamer which
we haven't contemplated wrapping in gstreamermm yet and I was wondering
how we might go about this:

1) In the gstreamer source directory, besides the gst directory (which
we've mostly wrapped), there is a libs/gst directory with other
directories such as base, check, controller, etc. which are not wrapped
(the docs for these are at:

2) In the gstreamer source directory there's also a plugin directory
with other directories (namely elements and indexers) which are also not
wrapped (the docs for these are at:

3) The gstreamer gst-plugins-base module has a directory named
gst-libs/gst with items (including a few interfaces which I mentioned in
that may also be beneficial to wrap (the docs for these are found at:


4) The gst-plugins-base module also has directories named gst and ext
which contain gstreamer base plugins (the docs for these are at:
(I'm not sure that these should be wrapped, but I thought I should
include them in this list for completeness.)

By "these" I'm referring to #4.

What I'm trying to figure out is: would it be necessary to make
subdirectories in gstreamermm/gstreamer or in gstreamermm (the main
directory)?  I know that if the directories are created under the main
gstreamermm directory these would probably represent namespaces and I'm
not sure if I have to be precise in choosing good names and what these
names should be.  I thought that names could be as follows: for 1)
corelibs, for 2) coreplugins, for 3) baselibs and for 4) baseplugins.
Are these names ok?  I'm thinking of adding these directories so that
what's necessary can also be wrapped.  Thanks.

I'm taking a second look and I'm thinking that 1) and 2) can just be included in gstreamermm/gstreamer while 3) and 4) can be placed in a new directory called gstbase (namespace GstBase). Ideas? Thanks.

José Alburquerque
jaalburquerque cox net

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