Re: Variable number of columns in Gtk::TreeView

Hey Pedro,

The only viable solution with TreeView would be to create the max. number of columns beforehand and then hide or show them as appropriate (using text columns with cell-data functions).

You can not add or remove model columns after the creation of the model.

-- Milosz

2008/3/16, Pedro Sousa <pasousa ml gmail com>:

I want to display some values on a Gtk::TreeView. The values come from a
number of extracted features from a laser range sensor.

The problem, is that I want to change the algorithms to use during
execution. That is, I have a list of possible algorithms, and I want to
choose which to use. Each row of the Gtk::TreeView should contain list
of the feature values per sample.

So each row of the TreeView is supoosed to mean a sample, and each
column a chosen feature. So, the number of column can only be known when
I re-fill the TreeView.

How can I perform this? Does anyone have an example?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

    Pedro Sousa
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