atk/atkobject.h: No such file or ...

OK folks, here is one I just don't get. I am really confused about this.
Here I go, I have just installed gtkmm version 2.10  from
After the installation I tested the installation with a simple "hello" program,

it compiled and ran without any problems. After that, it was work time and

started porting an existing class to gtkmm. Changing variables from 'std' to

'Glib' or to 'Gtk' was no problem, but then I added a button and a signal with

its corresponding method, since then I get the below message.
====================   begin of Message ======================
Project   : Console application
Compiler  : GNU GCC Compiler (called directly)
Directory : D:\c++\Samiira\jme\exception\

Switching to target: default
Compiling: main.C
In file included from D:/XWin/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkselection.h:33,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/targetentry.h:30,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/targetlist.h:28,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/widget.h:46,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/container.h:29,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/bin.h:30,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/window.h:32,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/dialog.h:30,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/aboutdialog.h:30,
                 from D:/XWin/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm.h:33,
                 from main.C:1:
D:/XWin/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkwidget.h:36:27: atk/atkobject.h: No such file or

Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 4 seconds)
==================  end of Message =======================
what is confusing to me is the that, according to the message, 'atkobject.h' is

not found under the '../atk/' folder, but I found it in the folder

'D:/XWin/include/atk-1.0/atk/', so, what is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance folks

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