Re: Casting from a wrapped class to a possible implemented interface

Murray Cumming wrote:
On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 01:57 -0500, José Alburquerque wrote:
Is it possible to cast a class that in its declaration does not by default implement a certain interface and then cast it's RefPtr to the interface (assuming that the C object implements the interface)?

Generally, no.

In gstreamer, the GstImplementsInterface <> has functionality to test if an Element implements an interface (gst_element_implements_interface <>) and to cast to that interface if necessary (gst_implements_interface_cast() <>) and I thought maybe this functionality can be used to cast from a wrapped Gst::Element to a RefPtr of the interface. Would this make

This would cause us to have two C++ instances with the same underlying C
instance. I wonder if that would have any bad side-effects. You would
probably have to avoid using Glib::wrap(), because it assumes a 1-to-1

I think I may have found a way to do this, as you said, not using Glib::wrap(). It may be a bit intricate (and not ideal), but I think it may work. What I did is that I implemented a templated Gst::Element derived class (called ElementInterfaced) which implements the template argument (which would be the interface to be cast to). The Gst::Interface::cast() method (templated with the interface to be cast) creates a new templated Gst::ElementInterfaced class with the target interface and returns a RefPtr to the Gst::ElementInterfaced templated class. Working with the returned cast is successful so this is positive (see the for example).

My concern, however, is that because the newly created Gst::ElementInterfaced class is not "wrapped", it doesn't look like it will be destroyed when all references to the underlying gobject are gone. As a thought, I'm thinking that maybe the destruction of the underlying gobject might be "sensed" from the Gst::ElementInterfaced instance and then destroyed, but I'd have to look a bit into this. In the meantime, I've checked in what I've done so far. If it turns out not to be useful, it can be modified or reverted.

José Alburquerque
jaalburquerque cox net

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