RE: gtkmm-list Digest, Vol 50, Issue 5

Looking at your compile statements, it looks like you have your Makefile
set up to include the proper directories on the compiles, but not their
corresponding libraries on the link command.  That's why the linker
can't find the functions.

One suggestion... you might want to consider using pkg-config instead of
specifying the libraries explicitly... the pkg-config files that come
with the g*mm libraries seem to do a pretty good job of pulling in all
the various libraries and sub-libraries you need to build.

My Makefiles contain something like the following:
   INCLUDES += `pkg-config --cflags libglademm-2.4 gconfmm-2.6`
   LIBS += `pkg-config --libs libglademm-2.4 gconfmm-2.6`
That works fine for compiling/linking... the one pkg-config invocation
pulls in the complete set of includes/libraries needed for my libglademm
app (that uses GConf).  If you're just using gtkmm, you might only need
`pkg-config --cflags --libs gtkmm-2.4` in yours.

Hope that helps.


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