Re: Development Environments for gtkmm

Am Mon, 7 Jan 2008 09:24:41 -0600 schrieb Jonathon Jongsma:

> On 1/6/08, Andreas Volz <lists brachttal net> wrote:
> > Use Anjuta, but at least the 2.3.1 unstable release. There're some
> > debugger stability updates included compared to the last stable
> > version. Anjuta has the best GUI debugger that I know for Linux.
> Admittedly, I'm not a completely neutral observer here, and I don't
> mean to denigrate the great work the anjuta guys have been doing
> lately, but I try the anjuta debugger on non-trivial programs from
> time to time, and I always seem to end up with anjuta crashing.  Has
> that improved in 2.3.1?

Yes, the debugger has been much improved in 2.3.1. All versions before
crashed really often. It's still not perfect, but I use it all the time
for debugging. Even my complex multi-threaded application is possible
to debug with Anjuta 2.3.1.

I added a lot of bug reports for Anjuta and I like to see that the
developers react very fast and solve the issues often in some days in

Currently I'm testing a special Anjuta patch to use the gdb option "-d"
to add external source files. This helps me to debug libraries that are
installed with source and debug info on Gentoo. No other GUI that I
know has the possibility to step into and through libraries that easy.

But for sure I'm also not a neutral observer. Give it a try if you


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