Re: Fix for bug

Milosz Derezynski schrieb:
> Thanks! I'll look into the hardcoding.
> (I'm CC'ing the reply to Klaus and gtkmm-list.)
> 2008/8/23 Jacek Wolszczak <shutdownrunner o2 pl>
>     Hi
>     add "debian = SConscript('debian/SConscript')" to SConstruct in sigx
>     main folder. e.g. at line 370
>     Create "debian" folder and put attached SConscript into it.
>     Set PREFIX at line 12 in SConscript to point to sigx folder. It has
>     to be an absolute path, otherwise there are some errors.
>     And then:
>     - configure prefix and other parameters as usual. scons PREFIX=/usr etc
>     - execute "scons"
>     - and then execute "scons debian"
>     And you'll have a debian package with everything as it ought to be.
>     As you'll see files in debian/SConscript are hardcoded. No idea how
>     to do it in a different/better way.

Milosz, I don't whether you got my message, it would be great if you
could send me an email address where you are reachable without a
mailinglist posting...
So here is my reply again...

I don't exactly follow what this script has to do with the originally
reported bug, but I guess that setting the PREFIX property somehow
didn't bring the expected results for building a debian package.

Better than to set a hardcoded PREFIX, which only mixes up the real
PREFIX, would be to use '#' to denote the build root, e.g.:
("usr/lib/pkgconfig/sigx-2.0.pc", "#sigx-2.0.pc")

Also I think that we would need a build alias in SConstruct

line 370:
debian_package = SConscript('debian/SConscript')
last line:
env.Alias('debian', debian_package)

I'll try to find a better way of specifying the files for the package.
Otherwise I incorporate the debian packaging script into the project,
thanks for your work!


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