Re: Current choices of D-Bus C++ APIs

Andreas Volz wrote:
Am Mon, 25 Aug 2008 13:27:37 -0400 schrieb Eric Jonas:

Has this changed? I'm about to start a project where there will
would be a desktop service over D-Bus. What you would do,
what are the experiences?
I think so -- dbus-c++ has gotten a decent amount of traction in
recent months, and I (along with others) have been using it pretty
successfully. I'd recommend checking out the dbus mailing list for
more information (and look at the archive for some recent
discussion). ...Eric

Optional you may ask on the dbus-c++ mailing list. Since two weeks or
so we've our own list on

Ok then I'll try dbus-c++.

I've subscribed to both mailing lists and will ask questions
if needed on the one on SF, but I guess that it would still
be good to clarify on the fdo page which mailing list to use
for what purpose.


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