libsigc++ question


I know libsigc++ has it's own list, but as there's not much traffic and
here are well know people I place my question here.

The question isn't related to Gtkmm. I hope you could answer my

I've a main loop where I catch all keyboard input. In that input class
there's a signal that all interested widgets could connect. This works
so far. Now if the main loop gets a key press than a signal is emit and
all connected widgets are informed.

But what if I only like to emit the signal for a group of connected
widgets? With emit() it seems all signal handlers are informed. Maybe
there's a way in the libsigc++ API to signal only some with a special
property set.

For example it's same as in Gtkmm. Only widgets that have the input
focus receive the keyboard input and all other widgets not. How does
that work?


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