SigCX (SigC++ extras) and Gtkmm

Hello All,

I'm working on an old application that uses gtkmm2.2.  I have been
hesitant to update it to the latest gtkmm because it uses SigCX for some
cross-thread signaling.

Now, I'm not an expert on threading, much less on cross-thread
signaling.  This project was started by someone else, and I have taken
over on it after some amount of time.

In this application we have an external device that sends serial signals
to the PC.  This (in addition to the touch screen interface) controls
certain things in the application.  Basically, the person before me has
set up a serial thread that listens to the external device and emits
signals when something on the external device has changed.

I've noticed that gtkmm2.4 (and higher) requires libsigc++ 2.0, however
SigCX has not been implemented for libsigc++2.0, just for libsigc++1.2
(which is what gtkmm2.2 runs on).

My first question, is whether or not it is necessary to do a thread
using SigCX to handle serial changes?  In other words, has upgrades in
libsigc++2.0 done anything that would have made SigCX obsolete?

My other questions, is whether or not it is possible to compile gtkmm2.4
(and higher) against libsigc++1.2 instead of libgsic++2.0 in order to
keep using SigCX.

Links to SigCX are here:

Aaron Geier

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