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If I understood you want to do a test for your students, right ?

You can put all the components you need on a glade screen in the right
positions and put all invisible like creating a label, entry, radio box and
navigation buttons. Then you can create a database (or xml) to put the
questions and the answers, the id of the student, the styles you are going
to use in each quest (like entry or radio button). The database is going to
have what fields are going to be visible or not and record the answers for
the specific student.

Best, Elcio

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Hi there.

I intend to create a gtkmm program that would work like glade. It would be
a GUI constructor, but the GUIs it would build should contain exams
questions widgets. Like those radio options questions (with text and
options to choose one from) and descriptive questions (question text and a
text area).

I would like a toolbox like glade's one, with just this two widgets I've
mentioned (by now) - maybe more could be added later). The user would
create slides (like in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress) and there he could
add a radio question or a descriptive question. He would set the texts of
the questions, the content of the radio options and the limit of the text

Would it be possible to use libglademm or any part of gtkmm to write down a
glade xml containing all these details (label, radio group, radio options,
text area, etc...) so another  program would be run and load this xml to
present the exam to students? The students would fill the exam questions
and the value would be computed.

Really don't know if my question is clear.

Thanks in advance.
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