Tutorial filenames / urls

I'm thinking about committing a change to the gtkmm tutorial that will
break all of the existing links to specific chapters and sections of the
tutorial, but will prevent the links from breaking again in the future.
Let me explain:
Currently, the filenames for the different chapters are based on the
chapter and section numbers.  Because of this, if a chapter or section
is inserted into the tutorial, all of the filenames after that will be
re-numbered and the urls will break.  So for example, the section on
memory management is now at
http://gtkmm.org/docs/gtkmm-2.4/docs/tutorial/html/ch22.html but in the
last year or so, we added chapters on recent files, printing, and
plugs/sockets right before it.  That means that a year ago, if you
wanted to link to the memory management chapter, you would have given
the link http://gtkmm.org/docs/gtkmm-2.4/docs/tutorial/html/ch18.html
which is now the printing chapter.  To prevent these links from changing
all the time, I want to commit a change that generates the filename
based on the section id.  So if you want to link directly to the memory
management chapter, you would link to
instead.  And any chapters inserted before this would not cause the link
to change -- it would only change if you manually changed the 'id'
attribute in the docbook xml file.
So the downside is that all existing links will break.  The upside is
that this will never happen again in the future.  I think that's a
worthwhile tradeoff, but I thought I would ask for input.  Any


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