Re: Gdb and Gtkmm

В Чтв, 01/03/2007 в 12:00 +0100, Xavier Larrode пишет:
> Hi all,
> I don't manage to use gdb with my gtkmm application.
> I set a breakpoint somewhere and when the application stop on the break 
> point i can't interact with gdb,  i can't write anything on my terminal 
> such as next ;)
> Any idea ?

I guess, that's not gtkmm problem.
Usually, you have desktop frozen when gdb hit breakpoint after
application did global "grab keyboard/pointer lock".

You have to use gdb from text console to attach to that process. Then
you will be able to process from that breakpoint in text console.
Desktop will be frozen for any input til lock removed or application


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