Strange behavior

We have encountered a strange problem:

We derive a window from Gtk::Window.  We add three Gtk::HBox containers
to the window.  In the first we pack three Gtk::Label objects, each of
which display some status text.  In the second we have a dynamically
created menu.  In the third we have a Gtk::DrawingArea.  We have
overridden the Gtk::Window::on_expose_event to rescale a Gtk::Image and
render that image into the Gtk::DrawingArea.

Here is the strange behavior:  When we allow the Gtk::Image to be
rendered into the Gtk::DrawingArea, the Gtk::Label objects in the first
Gtk::HBox are not displayed (or perhaps they are obscured).  If I
comment out the code in the Gtk::Window::on_expose_event, the Gtk::Label
objects in the first Gtk::HBox are displayed.  The menu in the second
Gtk::HBox is unaffected in both cases.

I know someone is going to ask for the code, but until my co-worker
arrives I cannot comply.  Any ideas?


*Robert L. Caryl Jr.*
Fiscal Systems, Inc.
102 Commerce Circle
Madison, AL 35758-2706 USA
256-772-8922 ext. 108

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