Re: Wrapping gstmm Gst::Event classes among other things

Siavash Safi wrote:

Unfortunately domain is lost!
you can access the svn using:

Thanks.  Do I send my patch over to you or post it on list though it is big?


On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 01:16 -0500, José Alburquerque wrote:
I've been working on wrapping the Gst::Event classes (similar to the Gst::Message classes) among other things in gstmm (such as using Glib::ustring in places where std::string is used). I'm afraid the changes are so many that the e-mail is too big to get through the list so I'm attaching the changes I've done. I'm also sad to report that svn has not been working for the last few days so I had to use 'svn stat' to generate the changlog manually. These are the changes:

    * examples/ogg_player_gtkmm/ modified to remove bus
    watch when PlayerWindow is destroyed (in destructor)
    * examples/ogg_player_gtkmm/PlayerWindow.h: added destructor (to
    remove bus watch) and watch_id variable definition (to store bus watch
    * gst/src/bin.ccg: changed std::string usages to
    * gst/src/bin.hg:  Glib::ustring
    * gst/src/bus.ccg: added remove_watch() method and modified
    add_watch() to return a watch_id
    * gst/src/bus.hg: modified add_watch() declaration to return unsigned
    int and added a remove_watch() method
    * gst/src/caps.hg: used Glib::ustring instead of std::string
    * gst/src/element.ccg: removed handwritten sate_get_name() and
    state_change_return_get_name() methods to use _WRAP_METHOD .hg file
    * gst/src/element.hg: used _WRAP_METHOD for state_get_name() and
    state_change_return_get_name(); used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/enums.hg: alphabetized enums; added EventType, TagMergeMode
    and TagFlag
    * gst/src/event.ccg: wrapped GstEvent
    * gst/src/event.hg: wrapped GstEvent
    * gst/src/format.ccg: used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/format.hg:  std::string
    * gst/src/message.ccg: added MessageAsyncStart::parse() method
    * gst/src/message.hg: cleaned up spacing
    * gst/src/pad.ccg: used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/pad.hg:  std::string
    * gst/src/padtemplate.ccg: used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/padtemplate.hg:  std::string
    * gst/src/pipeline.ccg: used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/pipeline.hg:  std::string
    * gst/src/structure.ccg: used Glib::ustring instead of
    * gst/src/structure.hg:  std::string and added parameter names in .hg
    * tools/m4/convert_gst.m4: added a GstEventType conversion macro

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