Creating widgets at runtime

I have a little experience with gtkmm, but just trying something new at the

I'm trying to add widgets to a program at runtime (as a simple example,
adding buttons to an HBox in response to user input). However I'm not
getting very far.

Having tried several approaches and having scoured the internet and the docs
for some time, I am getting nowhere.

WARNING: There's a high probability that I'm really over-complicating things
(You most likely don't want to read this bit!)
-  My first thought was to simply declare a new button in a method and add
it to the HBox as you would with a member variable button, but nothing
-  My second thought was to create a std::vector containing
Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Button> objects (in order to hold onto the button after
the method call had ended);
   However, there seems to be no way to add the RefPtr object to an HBox
(and no way to add a plain button to a vector)

So, if anyone knows a way to generate widgets at runtime, it would be great
to hear it,
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