Reverse-wrapping gtkmm widgets to gtk+ (for glade3)


Last month (19 oct.) I saw a message by Oliver Nittka about reverse
wrapping Gtkmm custom widgets. Unfortunatly I believe nobody answered.
As I'm having the exact same wishes/requirements/problems as Oliver, I
would like to repeat his question here...

Is it possible to (easily) reverse-wrap Gtkmm custom widgets so that,
for instance, libglade can instantiate them?

Having looked at Glade3 and its custom widget support I would very much
like to use it. Having to design glade files with 90% custom widgets in
them is not a pretty sight at the moment; adding my custom widgets to
the Glade3 catalog and having libglade instantiate them runtime would be
a really useful feature. Especially so because the standard Gtk+/Gtkmm
widget library is, to put it mildly, somewhat limited. Creating custom
widgets with Gtkmm, though, is very easy. The only limiting factor now
is having them instantiated by libglade.

If this is not possible at the moment is any work on this being done to
get it in Gtkmm? This is especially important because in Glade3 the
custom widget facility is marked deprecated, only for Gtkmm widgets
there is no alternative since it would seem we cannot let glade/libglade
to instantiate Gtkmm custom widgets!

Thanks in advance,
  Alexander Brinkman.

MARIN - Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

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