Re: Use of any interface designer - is it worthy?

"Arthur Maciel" <arthurmaciel gmail com> writes:

> In resume, I want to know from you (who own many projects) if writing
> the whole code is as well productive as using interface design
> programs.

I originally started coding the UI, but then switched to using Glade +
libglademm. As I see it, the benefits are fast prototyping and better

You can layout things visually which helps getting the first version
ready quickly. And you can get rid of the extremely confusing
interface construction code. The UI construction code gets very
difficult to read and modify after a while. Also, it is much easier to
rearrange the interface later on when you have to expand it or think
you can arrange it better. It just takes a couple of clicks.

The killer feature is that the GUI is much easier to maintain, IMHO.
So, YES, it is worthy. :-)

Ole Laursen

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