Re: License Question

As far as I see it, things are as follows:

Both GTK+ and gtkmm are released under LGPL. The license can be found
at, and a nice explanation at It is
written that the license does not place copyleft restrictions of
software linked to the program but on the program itself only. This
means that there's no problem linking/shipping your commercial product
to GTK+ or gtkmm. There are some restrictions however:
1. You have to allow for "modification for the customer's own use and
reverse engineering for debugging such modifications".
2. "Essentially, it must be possible for the software to be linked
with a newer version of the LGPL-covered program. The most commonly
used method for doing so is to use "a suitable shared library
mechanism for linking". Alternatively, a statically linked library is
allowed if either source code or linkable object files are provided."

Hope this useful,

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