Re: Running error

2006/7/17, Murray Cumming murrayc murrayc com:

> Hello,
>    I have some output warning into the shell when I'm running my app and I
> would like to know if someone know why i've got those warning and how to
> correct it. Here is my errors :
> (MyApp.exe:3336): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_grab_default: assertion
> `GTK_WIDGET_CAN_DEFAULT (widget)' failed

Debugging with --g-fatal-warnings and then viewing the backtrace can show
where this is happening.

If it's actually a side-effect of a memory management problem then
valgrind can also help.
Is it possible to do it under Windows and DevCpp because I'll program under Linux but I didn't get enough time yet to install all I need to work.


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