Re: Problems with glibmm FTP tarballs on MinGW/win32

Murray Cumming wrote:
I'm not convinced that there's anything wrong with the tarballs, and I
don't know what we should do differently to make them work for you. Could
you check the glibmm and gtkmm 2.8 ones to see whether it's a one-off

glibmm 2.4.5 unpacks properly. glibmm 2.4.6, glibmm 2.6.0 and glibmm 2.8.4 error with SIGPIPE.

I have CCed the gtkmm win32 port maintainer - Cedric Gustin. I'd expect
him to see this problem too.

Not if he uses cygwin, which has at least 1.15. The environment I'm using is mingw, and the packaged tar version is 1.13.19, i.e. older than May 2004 which is the release date of 1.14 [1].

I know that we don't use the default tarball format, because that can't
support long enough filenames:

As the error seems to appear for glibmm 2.4.6 (tarball is from end of January 2005 [2]), it does seem it is related to this bugreport dating from December 2004.

The fact was that an unpacked and repacked tarball was half as big, which was a rather strange expansion. If you unpack 2.8.4 tarball [3], and search occurences of the string "glibmm-2.8/" (NULL included) in the .tar file, you find 2 occurences:
- 0x0
- 0xA14000, i.e. 10567680, which is very close to being half of the 21155840 bytes of the file The following bytes are identical, I tend to suspect that the second half is very close to the first one. Now, I don't know the tar file format, but this is really strange.

In the end, I haven't been able to find any newer tar version available as a stand-alone (i.e. not from cygwin). bunzip'ing then untar'ing does the job though.

Best regards,
GISQUET Christophe


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