Auto-import errors with TreeViewColumn on win32


I'm writing a gtkmm application (project gdigidoc on
and I have again received some linker errors. Something about not being
able to auto-import VTT for TreeViewColumn class. 
I found the very same problem description in gtkmm mailing list:
But here it seems to have been a compiler problem. In that case if was
a newer GCC compler and cygwin environment. I on the other hand use
MinGW 5.0 with the GCC 3.4.2 like suggested here:
I have tried it with gtkmm 2.6 and 2.8. Version 2.10 created even more
problems so I reverted to an older release. 
My project used to compile with one of the previous MinGW (3.1 I
believe) and an older gtkmm, but now I see this problem again.
My projects source can be found here:
It has a dependency to a digital signature library which can be found
in the same site.


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