Re: draw_rgb_32_image sigsegv

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 22:57 +0000, james jwm-art net wrote:
> Hello,
> My program has a drawable to display gfx, using a custom event_expose
> callback to redraw the gfx as needed via draw_rgb_32_image. It works
> perfectly fine until I increase the image size by a factor greater than
> 1.73.  No matter which size image the program starts with, if it's size
> is increased by a factor greater than 1.73, it seg faults, (or if it's
> reduced to less than 80 px).

perfect signature of a memory overrun bug. your code is likely writing
(or possibly reading) from memory that it should not be. doing this will
not necessarily produce an error at the point where the writing is done
- it frequently shows up later when other code that relies on values
being sane discovers that they are not.

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